july BOM

Project Description

What are you most proud of? getting most of the points :-) What advice would you give someone starting this project? Pins, pins, and more pins! I found that it was very easy to go off-line at the bulky joins and found the under-fabric shifted when that happened.

Q&A with Siodach

Shear asked:
OMGosh! This is one of the coolest blocks I have ever seen! LOVE it! Did you figure this out by yourself? I am so impressed!
Siodach answered:
Hi thank you, but no I didn't figure it out myself, I stole the idea from a you tube video for hollow blocks. :-)
L. Homer asked:
Amazing result, I don`t know if I would be brave enough too try this one. Soooo clever. Well done.
Siodach answered:
Hi be brave! Lol mostly Its about organising your pieces well and being methodical. :-) don't let the cat jump on the table half-way through !
HoverGirl asked:
I love 3D looking blocks. This is just amazing. Well done!
Siodach answered:
I'm fascinated with 3-d too. I'd love to track down a copy of the pattern for a quilt called Labyrinth Walk - its a doozy!
buffaloannie asked:
Sensational...wish I had the guts to try it!!!!! Just outstanding.. :)
Siodach answered:
Tank you (blush)
artbythebay asked:
Show off! :-) This is too special to sew into the quilt-- I'd consider framing it as a single! Ha, ha-- then you'd just have to make another one!
Siodach answered:
When my hubby saw this comment he said, good idea it might make the hi-fi sound better! Typical man huh? But inspiration for a new project???? Lol