Jellyroll Baby quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? This is my 2nd quilt project. I made many mistakes, such as ending up with a wavy border. Painstakingly, I removed the stitches and remade the borders to lay flat. Then I tried FMQ on the borders. Again, lots of mistakes. The stitches are uneven, some stitches were too long because I pulled the quilt too fast, and some stitches were too small because the quilt bunched up. But when I look at the quilt from a distance, my quilting doesn't look too bad. And I'm sure the baby and her mom will like it. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Don't be afraid to try something new.

What you will need

  • quilting cotton

Q&A with SweetJasmine

Scheri Manson asked:
Wow I thonk you did very well. I really like the fabrics you used. I am going to give quilting a try with craftsy. Thank you for your post.
SweetJasmine answered:
Thank you. I'm glad to have inspired you to try quilting. Quilting is new to me and honestly I never thought I would enjoy it but I do. Craftsy is a great place to learn. Love their online classes.
PeppermintBunny asked:
What pattern jelly roll did you use?
SweetJasmine answered:
Look on youtube and search for 3 dudes quilting done by Missouri Star Quilting Co.
Wendy Butler Berns asked:
it is so fun to see how many patterns we can create with those jelly rolls... glad to see details of your quilting... you are on your way!!!!
SweetJasmine answered:
Any tips on how to get even stitch lengths? Some stitches were too long where I pulled the fabric and some are tiny when the fabric got bunched up in the throat of my machine.