Jelly charm quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I like the way the back is as pretty as the front and that I can see the quilting on the negative spaces there. What advice would you give someone starting this project? The jelly charm is a quick and easy project and completing the quilting on the machine was easier with some of the tips I learned in Machine Quilting. Especially using two folding tables to hold the weight off of the quilt.

What you will need

  • I used one jelly roll and one charm pack for the front
  • and leftovers from the front and my stash for the back. I did some of the quilting free-motion and the rest with my embroidery machine.

Q&A with Bonnie Amundsen

Mawmawjade asked:
Love the quilt! Your cat is gorgeous too. Looks like my Noomie.
Bonnie Amundsen answered:
Thanks, Joan has a sister Jenny, but she doesn't like to help me. Joan is always getting tangled in my threads. :)
Cyndi Z asked:
I LOVE the look of this quilt back! It's what I hope my next quilt back can look like. It matches the front so nicely. You did a great job. I wonder, how did you get everything to line up so straight? It looks perfect.
Bonnie Amundsen answered:
The instructions in the class tell you to lay everything out on a design board (I used my bed) and sew in sections. I did have to fudge on one strip after sewing it all together because it puckered a little bit. After making the seam a little bigger to take in the extra and then the quilting, I couldn't find it. I enjoyed playing with the bits and pieces I had left from the front.
Thread Hot Mama asked:
Your color and design choices for the quilt back, and for the quilt top, are excellent. Many quilters are afraid to work with yellow because it's such an attention-getter, but there is nothing wrong with drawing attention to a good quilt.
Bonnie Amundsen answered:
Thanks! Yellow is one of my favorite colors, but I don't use it often. Glad you liked it.
MyDear13 asked:
Love your work. I'm going to work on using my scraps to build interesting backs too. I wonder if both sides of a quilt are works of art, is there a back? Thanks for sharing.
Bonnie Amundsen answered:
Thanks. this class has opened up a lot of design opportunities for me. Love being able to use up some of the scraps.
Renate Maria asked:
beautiful colours and presentation!
Bonnie Amundsen answered:
You make me feel like I know what I'm doing. :) Thanks.

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