Jeans Rag Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? These quilts are so heavy, so durable and so popular. Each member of my family has requested and received one. They are great for throwing in the car for taking to a ball game, taking a snooze under or having a picnic on. I've made 14 so far. People are still saving their old jeans for me and I've since retired and moved to another country. I'm helping the continent to recycle and everyone seems to be benefiting. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Spread the word that you need old jeans. They work so well in other recycle projects too. Cut away the seams, throw away the waist bands, rivets and zippers. Save a few pockets and labels to embellish some of the blocks. I've stitched the labels back on the squares and put pockets of a few edge blocks. It's nice to have a pocket to place your keys and such if you're on the beach or a picnic, or a place to tuck a tissue or even hide a snack.

What you will need

  • Used jeans cut into 6 1/2 inch squares
  • flannel cut into 6 1/2 inch squares
  • batting scraps (Warm and Natural) Labels from the jeans and some pockets or trims too

Q&A with Betsy0

ma_delgad625131 asked:
Beautiful, Where can I get the pattern.
Betsy0 answered:
Check out my instructions at the top of the listing. I've tried to explain how I put my jean quilts together. I've made at least 14 to date.
diann_lor1264455 asked:
If you place all your flannel in the same direction how come all the flannel isn't on one side n all jean on the other side. I don't get that step. Please explain better. Sorry. I'm just confused with that step.
Betsy0 answered:
I guess I forgot to add that to my note. You can see in the picture that II alternate jeans side and flannel side for a scrappy look. If you want the flannel exclusively on one side don't switch them. I hope this explanation helps.
jillwilso2267834 asked:
How did you get the frayed edges? What instructions?
Betsy0 answered:
After the quilt is all sewn together grab your scissors and snip the edges about 1/2 inch apart. This step will take some time and is best if your scissors are spring loaded. Ater you've finished fringeing the quilt wash and dry it in your dryer. There will be tons of lint but your quilt will be fluffy and beautiful.
habari72350000 asked:
I'm new to quilting and not sure how to interpret this sentence in your instructions: "Turn the block edge on the bottom strip up and the top strip down" Wish there was a visual tutorial for this. Also, what do you use for the reverse side or are the squares 2 sided? I just took a bag of husbands old jeans to Goodwill and am kicking myself!
Betsy0 answered:
When matching your seams turn one up and the other down to lessen the bulk. The blocks are two sided, keep all of your seams on one side of the quilt. Finished side will be smooth, one side fringed.
auntdj1970 asked:
I'm new to this site also. I can't find the directions either. Please help
Betsy0 answered:
I haven't left detailed direction, however you can watch several different videos on You Tube that will help you. I noticed that most leave the block plain, while I have stitched and X on each block before joint them together.