January 2013 BOM

Project Description

What are you most proud of? After years, I finally figured out how to fold and cut my fabric properly. What advice would you give someone starting this project? 1/4 inch seam means a 1/4 in seam. I don't have a 1/4 inch seam foot and my machine only has 2 needle positions, so getting the right sized block was a challenge. I has to sew on more fabric, then trim down.

What you will need

  • Assorted 100% cotton quilting weight fabrics in warms and cool.

Q&A with @threegreenbananas

LindaMaeK asked:
This looks like a quick fun block for all those treasured scraps of scrumptious fabric we all have.....:)
@threegreenbananas answered:
It totally is! I did buy a couple of yards, but I had quite a few of the fabrics left over from previous projects. This will be a great way to make room for new stash.
katili asked:
I feel your pain about the seam.. I have a quarter inch foot and am still having trouble getting an actual quarter inch! Your idea of sewing on slightly bigger pieces and trimming is a good one (even though I'm sure it's a bit tedious). Your block is beautiful though, so it looks like it's worth the extra work :)
@threegreenbananas answered:
Thanks! Glad to know that I.m not the only one dealing with seam issues even though I know that my difficulties are completely my fault. :)
NanaJeanFL asked:
Love your color and fabric combo! Very striking. As a newbie last year I struggled for months with the seam allowance. My blocks kept coming out to small. I finally learned you have to sew a "scant" quarter inch seam when piecing. Its a thread or two narrower than a full quarter inch seam. This allows for the small fabric loss that occurs across the blocks as one fabric is folded over the other underneath. Draw a line on paper and sew (without thread) 1/ 4 away using whatever method you like - then measure it. Once you've found the full 1/4 inch you can adjust for the couple threads narrower (move your needle, mark your throat plate). Also, as you press away from the fabric underneath use the edge of your iron to go "up" over the hill and steam well to get a really flat seam. Be sure you lift and press - don't iron back and forth and stretch.
@threegreenbananas answered:
Hi. Thanks so much for the helpful hints. I'm going to try them for sure. I also bought a new 1/4 inch foot so hopefully I'll have better results on the next block.

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