Jaded Chain with border

Q&A with Jaded Spade

Karmie asked:
This is very...very ..nice! It looks loke something I may want to try.
Jaded Spade answered:
Lots of color combos, pretty easy to do in a day, and the pattern is available here on craftsy!
cwduff3779868 asked:
I am working on this quilt, and I wonder what order you put the pieces together in? I seem to be having difficulty - but it could be because i"m blond!!
Jaded Spade answered:
I would stitch it from the center out. Adding both sides to the square. Then stitching the long pieces together before adding the ends for the top and bottom row of each block. Once you have the three rows you can choose either one to join first.
cwduff3779868 asked:
Thanks for the help! It is looking good, thanks to your advice!
Jaded Spade answered:
Great! Would love to see pictures of your quilt!

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