Jacobs Ladder

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I did all the machine quilting on my home machine and feel like I am ready to try more colors and types of threads for machine quilting. What advice would you give someone starting this project? This is a fun project for a beginner.

Q&A with Arlene C

Pam NZ asked:
Lovely, well done! This is on my list to do but have to say your quilt may have just pushed it up the list closer to the top... beautiful work.
Arlene C answered:
Thank you so much!!! I have to watch the course again because Kimberly gives me inspiration to try new challenges.
NanaJeanFL asked:
VERY nice! Love everything about this - especially your quilting. Its perfect for the Jacobs ladder block. You inspired me!
Arlene C answered:
Thank you. It is still a challenge to be brave enough to let my stitches show when I quilt. I am okay as long as I can go in a straight line. I need to do Ann Petersen's course soon so I can fill in the empty spaces with decorative stitches.
Darns asked:
This is so good! I especially like the way you used a serpentine stitch for the quilting instead of stitch in the ditch.
Arlene C answered:
Thank you. Kimberly used the serpentine stitches on one of her quilts so I decided to give it a try. I've learned a lot in the Craftsy courses and try to put something new into each project I do.
AuntieBelle asked:
Arlene C answered:
Thank you, Auntie Belle.
MsQuilty asked:
Great job! I love your colors! I have finished my Jacob's Ladder block, but haven't put them all together yet. You have definitely set the bar high :)
Arlene C answered:
Thank you for such a nice comment. When I am working on a quilt, I am obsessed with finishing it. Then comes the hard part of coming up with the next project. The Craftsy courses are wonderful for inspiration. I'll be looking forward to seeing your project.