Jacob's Ladder quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? the improvement of my straight lines, pebbles, and pumpkin seeds. I feel much more confident having worked on this throw size quilt and am ready for the next one!

What you will need

  • Moda Juggling Summer fabric

Q&A with Emafish

Darns asked:
Wow! This looks great! Love the design your quilting makes on the back!
Emafish answered:
Thanks, Darns! I was pleased with how the quilting looks on the back but I'm afraid it almost overshadows the front!
Ann Petersen asked:
What great use of the quilting patterns! Lovely back and wonderful top!
Emafish answered:
Thank you! Your instruction was very helpful. It was fun to make secondary designs with the quilting in the background but I was surprised that the areas quilted with pebbles and with straight lines don't really jump apart as distinct areas... I guess the two designs were too similar in scale. Live and learn! In any case, I'm pleased with the interesting texture the different designs give the quilt.
Diane C Cote asked:
I love your choice of fabrics: the bright orange is well balanced with the charcoal grey (I think) and a touch of purple. I love the pattern as well. I am very impressed with your selection of quilting patterns as well. Great overall project! Thank you for sharing.
Emafish answered:
Thank you very much, Diane! The pattern is a simple Jacob's Ladder block rotated around to create diamonds.
ellie28541376790 asked:
ould u please send me the demesions for the blocks I just love this
Emafish answered:
Thanks! One finished block is 10 1/2 inches.
messyrose asked:
Emafish answered:
Thanks :)

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