It's Spring!

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Fun to make. the tree is machine appliqued and the birds are machine embroidery,

What you will need

  • Picture 2 shows where I got my 'inspiration'.

Q&A with SandiePink

Pat Sloan asked:
what a wonderful tree!
SandiePink answered:
Hi Pat - aren't you 'the' Pat Sloan that is a friend of Florine Johnson? (so am I :-))
bower_judy405937 asked:
Curiosity kills the cat . . . but why is the tree trunk cut in two?
SandiePink answered:
you will notice in the original design of the tree that it is broken up into several parts (the tree itself is 38") As I was placing my birds - my husband would comment "but I don't like that gap" AND I was able to 'cover it up with a bird or leaf - BUT on the trunk part with the grass background I couldn't figure out a way to cover it up - so 'there it is' :-) :-) (By the way - I have YET to make a quilt (90 some of them) and NOT find SOMETHING that I wished I could change. :-) I guess that is what 'keep us making more'! :-)
sweetmusic asked:
Just joined craftsy, where do i sign up to do this project ??????
SandiePink answered:
The quilt was just something I put together myself (see above comments). It was put on THIS website because of the Machine Quilting Class. :-)
Bluegrl8 asked:
adorable,, would love the pattern? where did u get it from?
SandiePink answered:
read the info above . :-)
julieanna62295 asked:
i love this Sandie
SandiePink answered:
Thank you! See the little Yellow bird on the bottom left? When my son and his family were here for Christmas - he fell in LOVE with the 'Happy Bird' - So I made him a little 8x12 mini quilt with the bird on it - and Happy Birdday on the back. :-)