it is cover of my bargello book

Project Description

What are you most proud of? This day a happy day to me. Today appeared my Bargello book in Hungary. I would like share with you my happily, therefore show you my book's cover. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Happy Sewing, Happy Quilting!

Q&A with Anna Csurke

Denise S asked:
Congratulations. What a wonderful accomplishment.
Anna Csurke answered:
Thank you so much.
QuiltDude asked:
WOW WOW WOW!!! What a great accomplishment! You have a book! Congratulations, Anna. This is a wonderful news and you have every reason to be not only happy but proud. The cover looks beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.
Anna Csurke answered:
Dude, thank you so much your kind words.Today(04.07.2014) have a biger day to me, because I did received some copy of my book.Now I feel how big thing and happily an own book. I think my husband is very pround me, in the moment he show my book to our neighborhood.If you think, you can see it on the publisher site http://www.cserkiado.hu/uj/foltvarras-bargello-lepesrol-lepesre# or in my blog http://quiltanna.blogspot.hu/ Just my blog is very new. I did started yesterday. The most pattern of book are made with round bargello technic, step by step with many picture. Ones more thank you your words.
Ingrid Torsay asked:
Nagyon szp! The bargello in-the-round is very beautiful.
Anna Csurke answered:
Ksznm. Thank you so much. The round bargello is my favourite technic. Greetings from Hungary.
Dena_LivinH20 asked:
Wow!!!!! This is wonderful! Congrats! I love your blog!
Anna Csurke answered:
Thank you so much Dena. I also love your blog !