Into the light

Project Description

What was your inspiration? I tried to keep to one side of the colour wheel but as its a memory quilt for my mam and I used some of her clothing it strayed a bit. Her clothing draws my eye and I like that. It makes me think of her and I guess that was the whole point of this project. I made two smaller versions for my sister and a close family friend. I loved Joens class and it has made me look at colour completely differently. I have dyed fabric before but quite haphazardly. I feel much more focused now and although I would love to own a beautiful stash of colour wheel fabric in all its glory I could never afford to dye it all. . So I shall dye fabric as I need it for future projects. There is so much information in Joens classes I shall be dipping into them for a long time. Thanks Joen!

What you will need

  • Hand dyed most of the fabrics especially for this project. Also used some of my mams clothing.

Q&A with Jade65

Awran asked:
Simply beautiful!
Jade65 answered:
Thank you
Joen Wolfrom asked:
Beautiful! Great piece. Just a comment.....If you had wanted to create luminosity in your sky, then you would need to use a yellow that was clearer in color than the one you used----a fabric with little or no gray in its makeup. The yellow fabric that you used has a lot of gray in its makeup, so the effect is gentle in effect, which is lovely. However it has too much gray in it to be luminous in this scene. However you may have not wanted luminosity in this scene. The way you have it is very beautiful. I especially love the sky with its subtle differences in color. Great job!
Jade65 answered:
Thank you Joen. There is so much to consider putting a quilt together. I am really enjoying the challenges. I would of loved to be able to paint but I was never any good at it. Now I feel I can paint with fabric. I have found your class so inspiring Joen. Thank you!
hoodoo2 asked:
Your quilt is very beautiful. Love your colors. What pattern did you use for this quilt? I love the look and great idea as a memory quilt. I am trying to do a wall hanging with a sea and sand effect. This looks very much like what I have in mind.
Jade65 answered:
Thank you! I didn't have a pattern, I just made it up. I started with 8 inch or so wide strips and cut them randomly at different angles.

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