In Grandma's Garden

Project Description

What was your inspiration? This quilt is a combination of techniques learned from Lola Jenkins in her Thread Art class and Annette Kennedy in her Painted Pictorial Quilts class. The child and sunflower centre are coloured with pencils and the sunflower petals and background are painted. I added a pink stud earring to complete the portrait.

Q&A with Nancy Bermuda

Lola Jenkins asked:
This is absolutely beautiful. Using the combinations of things you have learned from both classes is fantastic. What other words can I use. emmmmm. Nothing can describe the thought and creativity that you put into this piece.
Nancy Bermuda answered:
Thank you Lola ! I really enjoyed your class and your encouragement to be "fearless"so I didn't think you would mind that I mixed the techniques. I have LOTS of ideas for art quilts that I'd like to do and will definitely be using what I've learned in your class. Thanks so much !
Lola Jenkins asked:
Nancy I would be so honored if you would post this on my facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/LolasDesignerQuilts?ref=hl
Nancy Bermuda answered:
I'm honoured that you've asked me ! - done -
patz in suffolk asked:
Wonderful! And I especially like your quilting in the background. I hadn't noticed it at first, my attention having been taken by the picture itself, but I was absolutely intrigued by the little flowers and leaves that just finish it so nicely.
Nancy Bermuda answered:
Thank you !
sewno6373 asked:
just founthis one love wanted to show it to someone the other dat and couldn't find it , love it NER.
Nancy Bermuda answered:
Thanks Noella !