Hungarians around the world

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I am proud of it, because this quilt was travel in the world. Was on the quilts show in India, Australia, and Bulgaria.

What you will need

  • Hungarian blue- dyed fabrics

Q&A with Anna Csurke

QuiltDude asked:
Very beautiful.
Anna Csurke answered:
Thank you so much. I am happy you like my quilt
Phenebock asked:
Wow! I like this. Very beautiful,
Anna Csurke answered:
Thank you so much!
LILI asked:
Beautiful quilt, I love colors, composition and love of it
Anna Csurke answered:
Thank you. I am thinking always, a new round bargello composition.
Denise S asked:
This is another brilliant reinterpretation of the round bargello. You are so very talented. It is round, and it is square, and it has a mariners compass so it is also pointed. Fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing your work.
Anna Csurke answered:
Thank you so much. I am very, very happy.
innerwave asked:
Lovely round bargello! I am happy to hear from your success - that this wonderful quilt was seen by so many people worldwide! I suppose it is your own private pattern - I allways try to figure out "How did she do it?" Looks pretty complicated to me. Just alone all these seam allowances! Or is this a paper pieced project. Anyway - a most beautiful, a pulsing piece of Art! Thank you so much for sharing!
Anna Csurke answered:
innerwave, I made this quilt from fabric strips with 9 degrees ruler. Not so complicated it, than you see. I think to make the round bargello quilts are very easy. I have many different design ideas of round bargello.