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HOME Block 9, Clothesline

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HOME Block 9, Clothesline

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HOME Block 9, Clothesline

  • Nothing like taking a bunch of little mismatched scraps and making a line of laundry. Laundry doesn't have to match at all! So much fun with this block.

Q&A with K Lee 2Strings

lndmcgll1431103 asked:
Very cute!
K Lee 2Strings answered:
Thank you!
backhomeag349856 asked:
I just ordered tis pattern. Too cute! Brings back memories for sure. Thanks!
K Lee 2Strings answered:
It brings back memories for me, too. I'm glad I don't have to use a wringer washing machine and hang clothes outside anymore, but I would love to crawl into a bed made up with sheets fresh from the clothesline.
Surfside6 asked:
Adorable. I love your all your work!
K Lee 2Strings answered:
Thank you so much!