Created by: Debbs

Happy 81st Birthday Grandma

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Debbs made Happy 81st Birthday Grandma with:

  • Fleece

Q&A with Debbs

Wendi asked:
Beings it was poly instead of cotton, did the cuts fray?
Debbs answered:
Used fleece and its is supposed to fray a bit. The cuts after make it look so.
Laurie Grant-Gifford asked:
How do I find the complete instructions for this quilt. I am new to quilting, so new I havent even completed my first baby quilt yet, so I need complete instructions or I would be lost....
Debbs answered:
No instructions did it my self. Cut squares 8x8 . / 6x6 depending how big u want it. Two of each. Sandwich inbetween each with liner . Make x across to hold. When sewing together sittch each so that it looks like unfinished seams are on top. After take scissors and snip around each square baout 1/4 in to thread line . Hence called rag quilt. If you need to see examples its debbs06@ Can walk u through . Very easy to do.

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Get your first class for only $14.99