Halloween Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I'm most proud of my family, both my husband and my three daughters and my grandchildren, What advice would you give someone starting this project? If your new to quilting, be careful to line up your squares carefully, both when laying them out and when sewing them. When you lay out the squares, check them for their color value and present them in a nice mix , that is pleasing to the eye. Take your time when piecing and doing the applique. You'll get faster as you practice and if you rush you won't have the kind of control you'll need to do a good job. Also be careful not to catch the backing, and make sure that when you quilt it that the fabric is taunt and laying flat without any excess or bubbles, or your backing will be bunched when you sew it down.

What you will need

  • I believe these were Moda fabric pre-cut square in one of their Halloween series. I used 3 sets of squares and did not use all of them. I used black sateen fabric for the cats and traced the image of the cats on to the fabric. I used a variegated orange
  • yellow
  • reddish orange quilting thread to quilt it and added the binding on. I used small
  • appropriate sized crystal beads for the eyes on the cats. I used a purple background fabric that had Halloween cats for the backing. The black sateen was used for the binding and stitched on with the orange variegated thread also. I prefer to use Warm and Natural cotton quilt batting. so this is what I used.

Q&A with Connie8562

smile4bil74572 asked:
I love this. The simplicity of squares stitched together to create something so pleasing to the eye. That is what quilting is all about. I have never used pre cut fabrics because I was taught to always prewash, and I can never get a answer that I can trust as to if they were washed or not. Shrinkage a problem?
Connie8562 answered:
Sorry, I took so long to get back to you about this. From what I've gathered it's best to pre-wash when you can. I didn't with these because of all the different colors and because of the precut piece sizes were small. I wash my quilts in cold water and mostly air dry them. I haven't had any trouble with shrinkage.