Green and Ivory Cat Rag Quilt

What you will need

  • This rag quilt is super soft. It has three fabrics
  • green flannel with black cats and pink butterflies
  • and green flannel with white
  • green
  • and brown dots
  • and ivory minky. It is a great size for a baby and will continue to be useful as a lap quilt for small child. The back of this quilt is green flannel with white
  • and brown dots. It has a cotton batting. This super soft quilt measures 33 by 38 inches.

Q&A with Richard Healey

gg6221446895 asked:
Love this! Looking for something like this for a new grand baby. Thanks for sharing!
Richard Healey answered:
You are welcome. If you like to quilt making one is really easy. If you would rather buy this quilt and many more are for sell on our etsy store for reasonable prices.

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