Great Wall of Fabric

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I probably have enough fabric to last until I die. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Have fun collecting your fabric stash. Be open to ALL possibilities: recycling from clothing, buying at a quilt store, swapping with friends, buying online, and even inheriting from other quilters! I inherited both my mother and cousin's stash.

What you will need

  • How to keep a quilter's stash from completely overflowing.

Q&A with Pepper Cory

Za Manaf asked:
i dont feel bad either....compared to yours..mine would just be a lil' hillock to a great mountain lol...i hv been accused of hording all those fabrics under my bed waiting for the day i can use all of them :)
Pepper Cory answered:
Hi ZaZa--So you actually LET people peek under your bed?! Every artist needs their paint palette and it's the same for quilters. Or, as i told my husband when he asked, "What's all this fabric for?" I replied: "It's the dowry for my NEST marriage!" He laughed but has never asked again.