Created by: colleenfitz

granny's hanky quilt

Q&A with colleenfitz

Glori Blanchard asked:
I went to a garage sale 4 years ago, and I bought a whole box of antique Grandma's hankies. Most were in good condition, but I wasn't sure what to do with them. I actually wanted to incorporate them into a quilt, but didn't know how. Wow!!! What a great idea you have given me. I got one of my hankies out, and folded it just like you did, and it looked just like your butterflies!!! I use silk thread to applique, and because these hankies are so delicate, silk will be perfect. I don't know if you have instructions, but I'm going to try and copy your idea and make a beautiful wall hanging! Thank you so much for sharing your project, my hankies won't be sitting in the bottom of my plastic bin anymore!!
colleenfitz answered:
I am so glad I could inspire you.. I didn't want my grandmothers hankies to just be forgotten in the bottom of a drawer...
vschaaf206434 asked:
I have been looking for a hanky quilt like this. I have several of my husbands grandma's hankys and I didn't want to cut any of them up. Is this a pattern? I just love it....
colleenfitz answered: folding hankies