Grandma's Flower Garden Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? How many of her friends loved this quilt - thought it was so "unique" and could not believe someone "made it" and that it was not "store bought" What advice would you give someone starting this project? This can easily "get away from you" - when you start to piece the flowers together - so - have a set size in mind and then you will need to know when to "cut" it down. I drew a picture on graph paper, and it helped.

What you will need

  • Cotton materials
  • flannel for the back
  • batting

Q&A with Deena

999Graffix asked:
Fabulous! I'm not surprised you've had so many positive comments, it's fantastic. Currently I'm almost finished the same quilt, although I've added a cream hex border to each flower and I'm surprised at how quickly it's all coming together, considering that I'm handsewing it. How long did it take you? Do you have any tips to pass on? Again, Brilliant - your niece should be very proud of her Handy Aunty!
Deena answered:
well I did not handquilt it- it is done on the machine. I am not sure exactly how long but I think it was a month or two.The tips I would just say that I had to follow along the pattern I made on the graph paper - otherwise it will get "out of hand" - you will have to cut it at the edges...so you will have part of a flower and some parts more than others. Thanks so much for the comment. I do appreciate them.
Shona asked:
my goodness, this is very similar to what i have been picturing in my mind for my next project!!! Did you put each flower together first before arranging and sewing together?
Deena answered:
yes- I sewed all the flowers first - then set them out - as I had on my graph paper - but you have to keep the graph paper handy - so you know which one to sew next and where to sew it...otherwise you keep sewing a line and it doesn't go corretly...it can get "out of hand" quickly - so you will need to know where to cut off the flowers for the edges. It takes some time to do it right.
brewcrew23770 asked:
This is so pretty and not bordering every flower really makes it look like a "Flower Bed"
Deena answered:
Sue Neri asked:
Nice quilt. I am piecing a Grandmother's flower garden right now. I hope to finsh the quilt by July.
Deena answered:
thanks...good luck to you - hope it comes out great!

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