Created by: Wazoo Sue

Gone With the Wind

You Can Make This

Wazoo Sue made Gone With the Wind with:

  • Fused
  • raw edge machine applique.

Q&A with Wazoo Sue

K Lee 2Strings asked:
Fantastic quilt! So imaginative and such a delightful theme. It definitely feels like Gone With the Wind. Are you sure you don't live in Nebraska?
Wazoo Sue answered:
Nope, but it gets pretty windy during a hurricane...just sayin'
Sue P. asked:
Your fabric choices really make this one, too. I love the fabric you chose for the backgrounds and the woman's hair. As a novice FMQer, I admire your spiral background, too.
Wazoo Sue answered:
thank you
TerryChase asked:
Sue: your stuff makes me want to move next door to you to learn from your creativity.
Wazoo Sue answered:
c'mon down! I'm in south Florida, which is pretty nice in the winter. LOL
patz in suffolk asked:
Amazing! Such movement - you can almost FEEL that wind! It's pretty windy here (in England) at the moment, so I know what I'm saying! Brilliant!
Wazoo Sue answered:
Thanks, Pat! I love wind!
quilt-a-lot asked:
You never cease to amaise me! This quilt is just spectacular - I'm moving over with you and Terry :) Did you do Wendy's Art Quilt class? I am simply in awe of your talent - you are the Quilting Queen hands down. Well done. Judith
Wazoo Sue answered:
Oh my goodness! I have never had such praise. Thank you! I don't consider myself an 'art quilter', but I do draw cartoon type stuff for funny quilts. Check out my blog for some of my funny stuff under Sue's quilts.

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