Going Crazy Quilt Top

Project Description

What was your inspiration? My scraps! Whenever my drawers of scraps start getting overloaded, I think "scrap quilt" and more often than not choose to do another crazy patch. This is one of dozens I've done over the years. The quilt top was donated to a local church group which completed it for shipment to world relief efforts. Aren't I the lucky one to be able to do the "fun part" while the others chose to do what I consider "the hard work"?

What you will need

  • cotton fabric s

Q&A with AllThatPatchwor

CCG asked:
Love it! I think I nearly have enough scraps to give it a try. Do you piece it by the block or big strips that you cut into blocks?
AllThatPatchwor answered:
I usually piece it by the block, often using newsprint as a foundation to keep all the diagonals from stretching out of shape. That isn't as necessary on "good" cottons, but because I do so many charity quilts, I use a lot of cheaper cottons that really stretch badly. I've done a few where I don't use square blocks, but odd-shaped blocks for an overall crazy patch design. I posted two of those fairly recently and gave general directions of how I do it, so you could find them in my other listings. Have fun!.