Garden Poppies

What you will need

  • Cotton batiks

Q&A with Carole Gold

tbag2000 asked:
Very beautiful, and inspiring.
Carole Gold answered:
Thank you!
ParadiseBreezeQuilts asked:
This is just beautiful!!
Carole Gold answered:
Judith Trager asked:
The quilt is gorgeous! I am delighted how you made the colors work across the canvas of the quilt and there is a lot to look at. Did you silk screen leaves or anything on the quilt as well? You didn't need to--I always feel that step is optional for many artists. Thanks for sharing the quilt with us! Judith Trager Instructor, Art Quilt Backgrounds
Carole Gold answered:
Thank you Judith...I'm thrilled with what I learned in class! No, I didn't screen anything on this piece, but will try on another. Thank you again for a fabulous learning opportunity.
Unbelievable asked:
What a wonderful project to view. The saturation of dark color in the background calls such attention to the poppies. They all but jump off of the project. Thank you for sharing your project.
Carole Gold answered:
Thank you!
Dellac asked:
You did an excellent job. The contrast between the background and the flowers couldn' t be more perfect. Beautiful.
Carole Gold answered:
Thank you!

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