Funkytown Quilt (WIP)

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? Best advice like Carol Ann says have fun, don't worry about the mistakes. I think that may be what I like best, I can forget the rules for a while and let seams happen as they may :) Everything still needs Couching and embellishments but the backbone is set.

Q&A with Debbi Friend

Carol Ann Waugh asked:
This is amazing. How big did you make this? I need to know more!
Debbi Friend answered:
Well now it has the basics. Now the detail work begins
twopk365456 asked:
I love this quilt. Did you have a plan at the beginning or did it just evolve? Sashing using scraps will look amazing as I think it will blend it with the quilt and not look like sashing at all especially if you add couching and embellishments. Are you keeping it or giving it away when its finished?
Debbi Friend answered:
Thank you for your compliment! I had all the material on hand to work a Bargello quilt but could never develop a pattern I was happy with, then I took this class and a lightbulb went off. So the colors yes we're planned but as to how the blocks would come together that definitely evolved. I probably will keep it, it may be too funky to any of the people I might give it too.