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fun with sashings

You Can Make This

Wazoo Sue made fun with sashings with:

  • Hobbs Heirloom 80/20
  • Superior thread

Q&A with Wazoo Sue

QuiltDude asked:
Your quilting is so beautiful! Ugh, it makes me realize how little I know and how much I want/need to learn. Your quilting really makes the sashings pop, and I love that you used different motifs so the never tires of the same design. Congrats on another Sue gem, and thanks for the inferiority complex! ;-) :-) :-)
Wazoo Sue answered:
Happy Easter, Dude! You have to remember, I do this 8 hours a day. Many people are way better than I am, so that keeps me practicing new things and trying to get even better. Keep at it and you will be surprised how much more comfortable you'll get and how much better the quilting looks. Thanks for the nice compliment, though!
Asterisk asked:
As always you have outdone yourself. I sure wish I lived closer - maybe someday.
Wazoo Sue answered:
;o) Thanks!