Friend's quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That I could shrink the quilting to fit rather small negative spaces! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Start bigger!

What you will need

  • I quilt on a Gammill Classic Plus with Superior So Fine thread.

Q&A with Wazoo Sue

Angela Walters asked:
Just gorgeous! You must really love your friend to put so much work into it!!! <3
Wazoo Sue answered:
Yes, I do! Plus, I got paid to do it. I love love love my job!!
Liz edwards asked:
Love the quilt. Is there a pattern that can be purchased?
Wazoo Sue answered:
I asked my friend about the pattern. Bad news for you, she designed it herself! Wow...I was impressed before, but now I'm blown away.
mo.sews asked:
the quilt is stunning... props to your friend! your quilting is magnificent! especially love the pebbles and swirls
Wazoo Sue answered:
Beadalotta asked:
Your machine stitching is amazing. How many quilts a year do you do?
Wazoo Sue answered:
I do an average of 125 quilts a year. I am always amazed at tax time at how much I got done!!!
johellen asked:
Super job, Sue! I would be interested in how you figure pricing on such dense and original quilting. I know this was on your machine for a while.
Wazoo Sue answered:
Pricing details are on my blog : wazoonewsbits.blogspot.com

Skill Level