Created by: Shirley Joann

Freehand quilting

You Can Make This

Shirley Joann made Freehand quilting with:

Machine Quilting

Online Class

Machine Quilting

with Wendy Butler Berns

  • 100% cotton

Q&A with Shirley Joann

Ginger Freeman asked:
This is great work. I'm going to try freehand soon. Wish me luck.
Shirley Joann answered:
Good luck I tried it on a small sandwich that I made from the same material of the quilt before I started on the baby quilt.
Wendy Butler Berns asked:
good job as you tackle the free motion quilting.... practicing will help to get the timing and coordination down....
Shirley Joann answered:
Thanks I was scared to try it on a quilt but I did, it isn't perfection , but it did look great for my first time. I loved the class.
Wendy Butler Berns asked:
good for you to charge in ... we have to start somewhere... and with each project, you will see improvement.... I always go back to my practice pieces to get warmed up each time.!
Shirley Joann answered:
It was harder after I got it started I would forget which way to make the swirls LOL, when I would change to another spot because I had forgotten to keep it going in the correct way.