Free Motion Quilting sample

Project Description

What are you most proud of? My Walking Foot sample:) I am pleased with how I feel more confident using it and trying lots of different patterns. Okay.... on my second attempt it is a bit easier but still finding it very difficult! What advice would you give someone starting this project? What advice would I give??? It is me that needs the advice and help ;) This is my first attempt at using the Darning Foot and trying to fmq.... all I can say is.... you won't have to look too close to see how awful my control of the stitching is! When Wendy said to practice, practice, practice... I think for me it will take forever to master this! How have you all mastered this so quickly and so well?!?!

What you will need

  • Cotton
  • batting and quilting thread

Q&A with desna

Morag2504 asked:
Well done you!
desna answered:
Thanks Morag... I took a look at your fabulous fmq and look forward in anticipation to improving to your level. Thanks for the inspiration:)
QuiltDude asked:
Welcome to the world of FMQ! Desna this a great first attempt and don't be discouraged if you don't feel your fmq is where you want it to be right now. Mine was way, way worse when I started. I broke needles, thread issues galore, just a mess. The solution? Practice, practice, practice. I saw sooo many tutorials even before I got the nerve to sit at my machine. I practiced every day for weeks, even if for 10 minutes at a time. Before you know it, you'll be wanting to make a quilt just so you can quilt it free motion. Keep up the good work! Oh, and try not to break your needle, it's an awful sound and worse feeling. :-) :-) :-)
desna answered:
Thanks QuiltDude I have long admired your work:) Thanks for the encouragment too. I have been watching so many tutorials and joined some crafsty classes and felt I was ready to tackle it.... that is... until I actually did tackle it ha! I have a quilt all ready sandwiched waiting for me to fmq it but I think much more practice is needed. No needles broken as yet!!!
Darns asked:
Desna, my first attempts looked exactly like yours! Big stitches, little stitches, jerky lines, etc. Quilt Dude is so right - practice every day even if only for 10-15 minutes. Use either the Machinger gloves or rubberized shelf liner pad to keep a good grip on fabric (but not a death grip!). I have a stack of practice pieces about 12 in. high that I keep just to remind myself where I started. Try to find that sweet spot of motor speed-hand movement that feels right & aim for that. I reduced the motor speed to about 1/3 so that my foot wouldn't outrace my hands. Keep quilting, girl! It does get better!
desna answered:
Thanks Darns for the much needed advice. I can only aspire to quilt like you... I see you only started last February so that gives me some incentive to keep going:) Now that I have started I am determined to get better!
Pam NZ asked:
And she's off and FMQ'g... look at you go! Great start Desna! I'm petrified of leaves & feathers... haven't even attempted them yet but look at you! You sure got up a great rhythm with your loops... nothing shabby about them! No broken needles? Well you're just not trying hard enough then LOL coz, like QuiltDude, I've had a few ;-) Keep going & don't forget to breathe!
desna answered:
Haha Pam I got over excited when I got going and just had to try everything I had seen in Wendy's class. I now realise I need to practise each one separately to try to perfect them. And I did forget to breathe on occasions:) This is fun if not a little daunting and scary!
Lisa Gardner asked:
Wow, so impressed. I have to practice mine! Yours looks amazing.
desna answered:
Thanks Lisa and the word is practise and practise some more... it is fun and exciting but scary too!

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