Free Form Quilted Purse

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The bad news is, I messed up the lining. When I opened the clutch at the end I realized I had put one of the linings on the wrong side of the zipper so what I saw was the white thread stitces and raw zipper on one side. The good new is, I cut some more black fabric, folded it over, sewed it on to the zipper from the inside and you have to look pretty hard to see the mistake. I also like the back because I decided not to make both sides the same but to do something a little different. I think using a black background and piecing on some fabirc would also be fun to design. What advice would you give someone starting this project? For the design on the back, I should havce used a zigzag stitch to protect the fabric which is something I picked up for the stupendous stitching course. I think it will get caught on things in my purse so next time I'lll protect that with stictching.

What you will need

  • Fabric scraps
  • 9" zipper
  • basic quilting supplies

Q&A with Marie Withrow

Shoestring asked:
Marie, Marie. These batik colors and staggered seams are terrific. It's so pretty, if it were candy, I'd eat it.
Marie Withrow answered:
Thank you! One issue I had and am still trying to figure out is.... how to "stitch in the ditch"... my stitches seem to show more than I think they should to look nice. Any suggestions?
Shoestring asked:
At the quilt ship I picked up a spool of transparent thread made especially for quilting colorful and dark fabrics. The transparent thread color is called "smoke." I like using it. Have you tried it? Merry Christmas Marie. P.S. see my old Victorian house we're restoring; google: 1893victorianfarmhouse. Leave me a note. I love your work and would enjoy corresponding with you.
Marie Withrow answered:
Thank you - I am now subscribing to your blog about the house - looks amazing. Are you still working on it as I don't see any recent posts. I have also since your post started to use transparent thread for my stitching in the ditch and it works perfectly!!