For Amelia

You Can Make This

QuiltDude made For Amelia with:

  • Quilting cotton scraps and yardage for top and back
  • polyester batting

Q&A with QuiltDude

QuiltDude asked:
This is finally done, and I just need to pack it and ship it to my friend, Amelia, who lives in Louisiana. Her favorite colors are blue and green, so I hope the color scheme was not overly literal. I think she'll like it, and hopefully it will lift her spirits a little every time she looks at it or snuggles in it. The quilting was a lot of fun, it gave me tons of feather practice! My feathers are still not perfect, but I can see the improvement. I'm also getting better at fitting feathers in to funky little areas and corners. 1st completed quilt of 2014 and I am already working on my 2nd one... it's gonna be a great year for me and quilts, I feel. Happy 2014 everybody!
QuiltDude answered:
Thank you, 4bird2. I was going for a light, happy feel with the quilt. My friend had a rough 2013, so I hope this makes her feel a little itty bitty bit better. I'm also glad you said it wasn't overwhelming, because I thought for a second, this might be too harsh of a color palette. You put me at ease!
Darns asked:
LOVE your feathers! I also love the design - great open spaces to fill with feathers. You have gotten so good at quilting!
QuiltDude answered:
This had a lot of feather practice on it! I think you are one of the few people that have been following me since I started on Craftsy, so you have seen me progress from the straight line, I'm scared to FMQ
desna asked:
Happy new year to you too Dude:) You have started this year off in great style!!! LOVE your quilting it has the wow factor. You put me to shame... need to practice more this year but I have been so busy making things for my new little grandkids which was also fun. Thanks again for the inspiration.
QuiltDude answered:
Hello, Desna. Thanks for the kind words. There is no secret to FMQ other than, practice, practice, practice, and then keep practicing, so get on that sewing machine and get to practicing!!! LOL LOL LOL Hopefully now that the holidays are over, you'll have a bit more time to yourself to FMQ. ;-) I'm definitely more confident about FMQ, but by no means perfect, so each quilt I make now is an opportunity to practice [there's that word again] and challenge myself to try something new. Cheers!
Granny Marsha asked:
I love the color coordination! Beautiful quilt!
QuiltDude answered:
Thank you, Ms. Marsha.
ChefChris asked:
What a happy and fresh color scheme! I like the borderless design. So modern! Keep up the great work. You inspire me to quilt more!
QuiltDude answered:
Happy 2014, Chef Chris! Get out of that kitchen and get to your sewing machine! LOL LOL LOL Thanks for the kind words. My friend said she absolutely loved it, so I'm glad it worked out.