FMQ to the Max

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The final result - I see only the flaws but the people who have seen it go "Wow!"There were times I almost gave up and I let this sit for several months before finally finishing the borders. I learned so very much. It will never go on my wall. But it will always be part of my quilting history so I can say "this is where I came from". What advice would you give someone starting this project? Go ahead and take the plunge! It's not going to be perfect and it's not supposed to be. This isn't a class for experts in FMQ (though they may find it a fun project to do) but for learning. You can't learn without making mistakes and learning to get better. Have fun! Fabric and thread for samples is inexpensive. Make lots!

What you will need

  • Cotton batik fabric
  • cotton batting
  • a variety of cotton

Q&A with Joanna Strohn

4bird2 asked:
This is lovely. My hope is that I can do as well. I'm also beginning and struggling with the foot/hand coordination.
Joanna Strohn answered:
When I first got my Juki the foot/hand was an issue. It seemed the machine had a mind of its own and wanted to race! My solution was to build a speed controller (good Juki group has information on how to build one from Radio Shack parts). That worked and I was able to control the speed until my brain began to catch up with my foot. I'm still not perfect but I'm a lot better than before ... and the speed controller has been long retired.
Polarjo asked:
Your dragonfly is wonderful. The metallic thread on the wings looks great.
Joanna Strohn answered:
I finally had to draw it out as I couldn't do the circles, etc. freehand on several (too many) samples. It was fun trying different threads!
Ann Petersen asked:
I LOVE the color, the quilting is really great and you should put it on the wall. It is an amazing piece. We all see only our mistakes, but you do keep getting better and all our pieces are part of our history. I really like your perseverance, thanks for stating it so well.!
Joanna Strohn answered:
Not a wall piece! Actually only have a few of my items on the wall. I do take them out and show folks every so often. Years ago, when I was learning silversmithing and was going to melt down a ring, the wise instructor told me to always keep my first pieces -- so I can see how far I have come. This will be one of those pieces. Thank you for this class!
NoggyOne asked:
I'm so impressed with your dragonfly - I had such trouble with metallic thread. I used it in one flower, and the back of the quilt is not pretty. But you seem to have mastered the tension issue.
Joanna Strohn answered:
Do take Cindy Needham's course. She has a lot of information on using metallic threads. A great complement to Ann's courses.

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