Created by: Karen Emelia

Flower Garden

You Can Make This

Karen Emelia made Flower Garden with:

Beyond Basic Machine Quilting

Online Class

Beyond Basic Machine Quilting

with Ann Petersen

  • Cotton fabric
  • batting
  • metallic thread

Q&A with Karen Emelia

OhioLinda asked:
You did a great job on the quilting! Are you going to continue with the borders?
Karen Emelia answered:
Thanks! I am on the 9th lesson and have 4 more to go. The borders will probably be last, but I will finish them!
sanyokta asked:
Beautiful! How long have you been quilting for?
Karen Emelia answered:
Thank you! I have been quilting for about 10 years now, but I haven't really bothered to learn how to machine quilt fancy patterns. This is my first attempt.
Luna Beach Girl asked:
Are you hand quilting or machine quilting? I want to try quilting..I have a sewing machine..but i need to get a quilting foot..I tried to quilt a blanket I made for a friend..and it turned out less than perfect for sure!
Karen Emelia answered:
This was a machine quilting project. You should give it a try, As long as your machine is capable of doing free-motion quilting, you can get started on quilting. The walking foot is more for straight lines. I am sure that your friend will love you quilt.
AnnS87150 asked:
I love your dragonfly. The whole thing looks really complicated. Don't know if I'll get that far. I hope it's easier as you go along. I'm just starting and finding it really difficult to get a smooth line. I'm hoping not following a line may help.
Karen Emelia answered:
Thank you! Are you taking the same class? I thought it was complicated too, but I like how it is broken down into small chunks.
Karen Ruehling asked:
I love your work. I see how you can have a lighter background and then do the echo quilting with a colored thread like you used blue. That makes the flowers stand out on a light fabric. Thanks or sharing
Karen Emelia answered:
Thank you! I am so happy with this project, I learned so much.

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Get your first class for only $14.99