Created by: Milaine

Flower Garden Quilt Along

You Can Make This

Milaine made Flower Garden Quilt Along with:

  • Flower Garden kit

Q&A with Milaine

Lynda Milligan asked:
Yay milaine!!! Your top looks wonderful and it took you less than two weeks. Congratulations on a job well done!
Milaine answered:
Thanks!! I really love the fabric and the colors...such a "happy" quilt AND the design really highlights the fabrics!!
Kari66 asked:
I too am having problems finding my class on this project. i looked under my craftsy and enrolled class sections and this class is not listed. I received my material in the mail just yesterday . Can any one help me on this ?
Milaine answered:
Hi Kari...It should be listed under your enrolled classes under the separate section "Workshops"...If you enrolled, it should be listed, that's where it appears on my page...Good luck, I really enjoyed the fabric and in the process of quilting the finished quilt...Vicky


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Get your first class for only $14.99