Fleece shawl

Project Description

What are you most proud of? My over-under is looking more "over-under". What advice would you give someone starting this project? Take a deep breath and do it. It is only a minor investment in fabric and your time will not be wasted because you will be learning and growing.

What you will need

  • The fleece shawl has to be cut out along the outer feather borders yet and the scarf along the straight quilted lines. I am on a longarm. I don't know if I would want to do fleece on a domestic machine.

Q&A with Deb Cavanaugh

bjb830 asked:
Beautiful! What an inspiration you are! Maybe I'll be able to do this, too.
Deb Cavanaugh answered:
The diamonds in the stars are broken in half with small feather motifs starting at each point. The rest is just circles and those outside archs are from a stencil. Breaking it down like Cindy does and using portions of stencils made it reasonable to do. But what I like is that it looks hard. Thank you for your lovely comment, I hope to help Cindy inspire. This was such a helpful class
QuiltyOne asked:
Amazing! Not having done quilted garments, this is new to me. Does it have batting and a backing? If so, what did you use?
Deb Cavanaugh answered:
There is no batting only two layers of fleece. When I use cottons I do use a very light poly batting. I love the puff of feathers. The puff makes me smile
JolovestoQuilt asked:
I thought I'd already commented on this. Was coming back for a second admiring look. Love this! It's timeless and beautiful. Is it just regular fleece? WOW
Deb Cavanaugh answered:
Thank you so much The shawl is Blizzard fleece. I would prefer the non pill fleece but that gives me tension troubles sometimes. I just did another with just the feathers on the outer edge. Simple is always wonderful.
Rosalyn asked:
This is so Beautiful Deb...i am doing quilts too, but nothing as intricate as what you do. What kind of a machine do you use? I just got a new Janome, and like it for straight sewing, but I am not sure it does what I would need to do the intricate quilting work you do.
Deb Cavanaugh answered:
Thank you, you are so kind. It isn't the machine but lots of experience and practice. Cindy Needham's class was just fantastic, just what I needed at this minute to start doing wholecloth. I read everything I can on quilting, watch every thing I can and do a lot of practice on paper. Take a deep breath and don't fear trying everything. I don't do everything perfectly but luckily people look at the overall.
Wazoo Sue asked:
what do you use to mark on fleece? I love how this looks and I would love to make one for my mother-in-law. Thanks
Deb Cavanaugh answered:
On the white I had to use a blue wash out, but on a color I use a white chalk wheel and take it out with a vacuum cleaner.. It feels warm the minute you put it on. I just did a purple one last night as a gift for a lady in a nursing home who is always cold. Purple is her favorite color. I did just the outer feathered border, so simple, so stunning.

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