first time free motion quilting

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Giving free motion quilting a try. I still need tons of practice but with some matching thread this will look great. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Try and relax, it really does go much easier and look better when you are relaxed.

Q&A with Cathy D. C.

sewingfoo asked:
Very Nice! I like your block! I keep practicing but haven't had the nerve to post anything yet! WTG!
Cathy D. C. answered:
Practicing will pay off I'm sure. Learning to FMQ is hard but fun as well.
doreen1063 asked:
Nice job! I haven't had time to do anything lately...next week! :D
Cathy D. C. answered:
Finding time is hard. Thanks for using some of your time looking at my quilting!
margitsal1190444 asked:
At least we all try &who knows down the road it might easea
Cathy D. C. answered:
I do think it will get easier. Certainly I could tell it was easier going in some directions vs other ways. Have to start somewhere.
giquilt asked:
Straight lines are the hardest. Love your quilt design. Works well with the fabric.
Cathy D. C. answered:
Thanks. I do think the design works well. Straight lines are hard, it is going to take some practice to get those lines looking better.
LemonPie asked:
Yes I agree giquilt, free-motion straight lines are the hardest! esp those diagonals across big spaces.... way-to-go cdc for starting with the hard stuff first!!! :) I've done lots of free-motion quilting (curved designs) and I found it very challenging to control the quilt and keep the lines straight-it is a lot faster than with a walking foot though! If you haven't already seen them, you might like some of Leah Day's videos cdc, she's got lots of free lessons on free-motion quilting on her website & is really encouraging & helpful. Thanks for showing us your work!
Cathy D. C. answered:
Thanks LemonPie. Those diagonal lines are quite challenging. Oh well, once I get finished with this quilt I do think I will see improvement. Practice will help. Leah Day is great and soon I will try some of her patterns. Angela has a style I am really drawn to so that is where I am starting.

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