First Ever Dyed Fabrics

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I actually have color on the fabric! Lots of ideas now for overdyeing, various resist objects. I can definitely see using my dyed fabrics in quilts especially the pole wrap, scrunch & pleated (like a cool stripe). What advice would you give someone starting this project? Rinse, rinse, rinse. Where I live the water is not cold out of the tap this time of year - have plenty of ice on hand. Be sure to shake your dye mixing container with water to test lid before adding dye - ask me how I know!! One gallon of water, soda ash & salt was about enough to dye these 6 fat quarters. I'll be doing some more dyeing next week - overdyeing a couple of these & trying mixing dyes to get a green, purple, red-orange. I also have two more dyes to check out the color - a red & a blue. Such fun!!

What you will need

  • Kona Snow fabric
  • Dharma dyes

Q&A with Darns

Jo-Mo asked:
love your pieces! I agree about the blues, they rinse out forever it seems :-)
Darns answered:
Thank you, Jo-Mo, I can see I'm going to have lots of fun playing with the colors & patterns - got some interesting things at Home Depot to try as resists.
sistertammie asked:
I have wanted to tackle this project, but havent. you have inspired me to just do it. it is definately on my bucket list. awesome pieces.
Darns answered:
Go for it , Sister Tammie, it is so fun - be prepared to spend some time rinsing out the dye - that took awhile but it was way cool to unwrap the cloth to see what the pattern looked like. More colors next week - -
Pamillia asked:
Really like your red scrunch. But, I like them all. Thanks for sharing.
Darns answered:
Thanks, Pamillia, I can see myself using the scrunch patterning a lot in my quilts. Now to get all kinds of colors scrunched - -
Pam NZ asked:
WOW what a ball you've had!!! Can't wait to see more!
Darns answered:
This is fun! More dyeing next week
AlyxRansom asked:
Ooh -- so what's the plan for these? I've always been too chicken to dye after my one disastrous attempt.
Darns answered:
I'll need to do some overdyeing to get colors I can use - but it will be fun to experiment. I want to use the dyed fabric in my quilts. I may be able to use the red (fuschia) scrunch in one of my BOM quilts.