First Colour Mixing

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Needed 12 strips of colour and managed to get 12 different colours. Some great mottling on fabric.

What you will need

  • Blue and yellow dye. Empty jam jars scrunched strip of fabric in each jar. Gradually diluted each colour. Dark blue to light then dark yellow to light going other way.

Q&A with Gerihargreaves

karen.sibley asked:
how much dye did you use per gram of material? I guess you mixed blue and yellow for the ones in the centre, as they look greenish, is that so?
Gerihargreaves answered:
I had a total of 400g of fabric. I made a solution of 10g blue dye in approx 1 cup of water. The 12 strips of fabric were each scrunched into a jam jar. I poured a third into another cup, topped that cup up with water and poured it in jar 1. I then topped original dye back up to full, pored off a third into separate cup again, topped that up, pored into jar 2. Topped original dye back up etc. this same process was then done in reverse with yellow. Sounds complicated but you get into a rhythm. Measurements were very approx but fun results. Am thinking of doing red and yellow next.