First attempt

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? Try to get a potato masher that is level on the bottom! Although I really don't mind the missing parts - makes it interesting. I obviously need to learn how to control the drips better! lol The wider lines are where I tried wiggling the masher into the fabric - not a great idea Besides when it's cut up in quilt pieces the wider lines and drips won't be as noticeable. The wax wasn't too difficult to remove (at least on this fat quarter) I will definitely be doing more of this. My electric wok worked just fine to melt the wax but a electric fry pan would probably be better because of the flat bottom.

What you will need

  • Pima cotton
  • Dharma dye #75 - Safari Gray
  • potato masher

Q&A with Darns

malka dubrawsky asked:
Looks great! Congratulations. How did you feel about the process?
Darns answered:
It was fun - must work on technique of applying wax, though - pretty drippy! I know, practice, practice, practice
ramonamp asked:
:-)) Like this design. Will have to try that!
Darns answered:
Makes you look at kitchen utensils in a whole new light!
Sew bless asked:
You did great on this!!! I would have never thought it was a potato masher. Lol
Darns answered:
For a first attempt, it's OK - but still have lots to learn about applying the wax
pamila asked:
Drips? They add to the interest of the overall design - I'm not sure you should change anything about your technique.
Darns answered:
Thanks, pamila but I'm pretty sure I really don't have a technique yet for this - the wax was more liquid than I anticipated. How about a piece done with just drips?
Freddieinna asked:
I like the irregularity of it. kitchen tools are for more then just food. nice job. have fun!
Darns answered:
Thank you! It is fun. Now I start looking at other objects to use for this batik method - took me longer to get through the grocery store yesterday because I was looking at all kinds of household items!

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