Created by: Ann Rowley

Finished Quilt

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Free Motion Quilting a Sampler

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Free Motion Quilting a Sampler

with Leah Day

  • These are the patches made in Amy Gibson's Block of the Month class
  • 2012.

Q&A with Ann Rowley

lizzyb asked:
This is fabulous Ann, well done for finishing it so quickly. Did you quilt each block and then sew them together (quilt as you go style) or did you join them in to one big quilt top and then quilt in the 'normal' way? I've got all my blocks done but can't decide which way to do it.
Ann Rowley answered:
I joined the blocks in four strips of five and quilted those before joining them together and adding the top and bottom borders.
Darns asked:
What a great job quilting (not to mention a beautiful quilt)! Isn't is wonderful to see it all come together? You're braver than I am for doing that big spiral. I figured there was no way I could to that so I wimped out & went with something else.
Ann Rowley answered:
Thank you - the spiral went better than I expected...
quiltsandhearts asked:
amazing job! i would love to quilt by machine like that!
Ann Rowley answered:
I really recommend Leah's class - the quilting is a result of what I learned...
desna asked:
Loving the label and ofcourse the quilting and the quilt... thanks for the tip Ann about quilting a strip of five blocks at a time that is the way to go:)
Ann Rowley answered:
Thank you! Quilting just a strip at a time worked well for me.
Lovethembirds asked:
Wait, how did you get a different quilt design on the backside of your quilt? From looking at your quilt label, I can see a swirled quilt design I don't see on the front.
Ann Rowley answered:
The label is behind the design that you see in the lower left hand corner of the quilt. Because of all the print it's difficult to see, but if you look closely it is there. No tricks!

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Get your first class for only $14.99