Finished Quilt

What you will need

  • I used scraps of many colours left over from other projects. I had no particular colour scheme
  • but made sure that I used each fabric at least twice. I also used a variety of cream back geound fabrics.

Q&A with Ann Rowley

PastorT asked:
This finished very nicely. Good work
Ann Rowley answered:
Thank you!
desna asked:
Ann I am in awe of you... your quilting skills are amazing and your quilt is super duper beautiful. Congrats on finishing... fmq envy;))))
Ann Rowley answered:
Thank you!
DeGramma asked:
Even your back is elegant! You are one talented lady.
Ann Rowley answered:
Thank you!
Akapplelady asked:
Ann, you have talent and skill; you should be teaching some classes on all phases of quiltmaking. Your quilt is absolutely perfect!
Ann Rowley answered:
Thank you! Actually I'm a dressmaker and am adding quilting skills to my repertoire; Leah Day's FMQ class has helped enormously, but I'm nowhere near eady to teach!

Skill Level