Fiddle The Violin

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I had to work with really narrow pieces for the bow. I am also happy the way the paper pieced f-holes turned out.

Q&A with soma1773

patz in suffolk asked:
Good Heavens! That's amazing!
soma1773 answered:
Thank you, my friend! I wanted to make this since I started designing patterns. It was easier than I expected.
Eunice4 asked:
My tablet corrected and I didn't proof quick enough. That should have been a piano or an oboe? They are the instruments played in our house.
soma1773 answered:
Thank you!! It happened to me before as well, I don't like auto-correct for that reason! I hadn't consider the oboe, but I will definitely keep that in mind. As for the piano, I am going to design the sash using the piano keys for my mini quilt.
ChristmasEv asked:
Again, I love this piece! Beautiful! I too am a California girl and played the violin as a child...and like photography! Live in Southern California but love the central coast and Northern are a wonderful quilter!
soma1773 answered:
Thank you for your lovely words!! Wow!! You are just like me! I love the Sierra and the White Mountains, and the deserts! California has so much to offer for any hobby photographer!
ChristmasEv asked:
Even the bridge has dimension! Amazing! And I love the hair on the bow!!! Wonderful work!
soma1773 answered:
Thank you :) I was going to use the cream for the bow hair until I realized I was using that as my background fabric. The substitution worked out even better.
Big Horn Julie asked:
I love this, and want to make it. I paid for the pattern and can't figure out how to download it.
soma1773 answered:
Thank you so much! When you log in to Craftsy, click on "Your Account" at the top of the page. Then click on "My Craftsy" in the middle of the page. Then click on "Pattern Library". The pattern should be listed there. You can click on "Download Pattern" to save it on your computer. Let me know if you need anything else.