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What was your inspiration? Continued from my previous post 1-The old house I was raised in until I was 9. The two rooms up in the attic were the ones my grandfather Davis helped dad build the summer after grandma died. 2-Our out house. Yes we had oneLOL It was used if the cold winters froze the indoor bathroom plumbing. My best use for it was in the summer time, because if I didnt have to go inside to go I didnt have to take the chance on being caught by mom and given an inside chore to do. 3-What child wouldnt give anything for a summer of play, acres to roam on and cold watermelon right out of the ice house? 4-My grandmother Hansen had a way with her flower garden. There was nothing as beautiful as her flowers and their home. 5-Even in the fall and winter on mild days the front yard became the best place for play school and many other wonderful activities. 6-My Hansen grandparents lived just down the road from us, so they were a convenient and willing set of baby sitters when mom & dad were away. some of our favorite times were spent having weenie roasts and some-mores down at their fire/sand pit. It was also a great place to hold summer school or pretend you were at a fine ball in your best princess ball gown.

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Very nice
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Absolutely wonderful!
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Awesome use of decorative stitches !
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