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What was your inspiration? 1-After my grandmother Davis passed away my Grandfather spent a lot of time helping my dad to make two bedrooms upstairs of our old house. When he came he always came with the long cellophane strips of suckers for us kids. He was one of those wonderful grandpas with the white, white hair and bushy eye brows. Miss him. 2-Woodland reservoir (now called a lake) was one of my favorite place to go enjoy nature. Just walking distance from our home today it is a protected park in the White Mountains of Arizona. 3- The birth square for my only brother the second child in our family. 4-Ol Paint was my Nanny. I spent many hours in the field on her bare back, no bridle or halter. If mom couldnt find me all mom had to do was look for Ol Paint. On her left flank she had an almost perfect heart in black. She proved that she truly did have two hearts. One inside and one outside but both showed all kids her gentle, loving spirit. Her only drawback was that the only time we could get her to go FAST was on our way home at the end of a long day. 5- in the world of farming the old farmers used to leave one tall tree in the middle of the field. In case they were caught in a storm that tall tree was more likely to be the one thing hit by lightning. Our lightning tree was hit many times with lightning strikes. It had a hollow trunk from the many strikes, what a wonderful place to hide in a game of hide & seek. But it took many, many years for it to totally die. There was always several branches at the top of the tall ponderosa pine that stayed green all year long.

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