Exploration II - Mr & Mrs Andrews

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I put the greens and browns in the same grouping, but not sure that I should have? After 'dotting' the colors on the color wheel I would confirm this is an analogous color scheme, but the complimentary accents really make the painting. The lightest touch of lavender also brightened up the ladies dress. I was surprised at how many neutrals were in the painting. I had to fussy cut the greys from another print as I did not have any greys in my closet. Even the lavender and blues that were used have a slightly grey cast to them. They really add to the overall mood of the painting. Interesting that the greens, browns and golds all seem to be very warm tones. What advice would you give someone starting this project? I jotted the colors I thought I saw down on paper in categories first, then I went to my scraps and matched them to the print. It helped me to sort them in my mind before I started pulling out scraps. I could work on the scraps by color family that way.

What you will need

  • Great Master Painting
  • Color Wheel
  • Fabric Scraps

Q&A with SolarSusie

DonaleeK asked:
This is very good to see... I've listened to Weeks class several times now, but haven't done the exercises yet.... I'm working up to it! :-) I've always felt in any art it's about contrast, I'm a retired jeweler (25 years) and sometimes I'd put the smallest whatever right next to the largest....and the surprise and contrast sets the tone for the piece. I can't wait to dig in!
SolarSusie answered:
I hope you can find time to do the 'explorations'. I was surprised by what I learned. I think Weeks did a good job of finding things we can do on our own, but that also stretch us just a bit. At first I had a hard time using the fabrics for something that may never turn into a finished project. But then I started having a great time going through all my fabrics as I worked to see what would fit, and how differently they could play together. I bet your jeweler background will give you some very different perspective from the rest of us. I want to remember your comment about putting the smallest next to the largest can really change that.

Skill Level