Edge to Center Designs

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I'm proud of the finished look of this project. At the beginning I couldn't have predicted how it would look, but with all the different filler designs stitched over the surface, I'm so happy I took the leap and tried new designs and new combinations to come up with this finished effect. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Again, practice is key. Free motion quilting on a home sewing machine requires skills that you've probably never built before. Moving a quilt under the needle of your sewing machine smoothly and evenly - it's tough! This particular project is small and easy to move, but even still, it requires practice to stitch each design precisely. Perfection isn't the point, fun with quilting is!

Q&A with Leah Day

JaneFoster asked:
I signed up today for Leah's Tote bag...I am all cut out, fabric and batting...just decided to use what I had....now this will make me practice. I watch all her little videos but never make the time to start. I looked through the notes and dont like some of the fills so will just make two tote squares with the designs I like...at least that 's my thinking so far.
Leah Day answered:
Excellent ideas Jane! Never feel bound by what the picture or the diagram says. Make it your own and have fun, but the most important thing - GET STARTED!
angie41179 asked:
I love this i wish i was able to do quilting like this.
Leah Day answered:
Just keep working at it and you definitely will be able to. Sometimes the hardest part is getting past the desire for perfect stitches and a perfect outcome. You need to accept yourself at where your skill level currently is before you can move forward.
Karine_enjoying asked:
This looks fabulous! I think that the good part is to be able to choose from the variety of the designs and then eventually add your own creativity. YOur corner here is just so good looking, I have still ways to go ...
Leah Day answered:
Yes! Absolutely make it your own! It's so much fun to mix and match and all the designs from this class are 100% interchangeable. Just have fun with it!
Deb Cavanaugh asked:
When I made the photo larger, I thought at first glance that your quilting was the pattern printed on the fabric since it is so perfect. Then I was able to see it was your wonderful work. I love the one with the little dots too. That also is so perfect it could have been printed. W
Leah Day answered:
I did actually mark the circles and triangles in one section. Sometimes marking makes things time consuming and tedious, sometimes marks make lining up the design 100% easier! This was a situation that needed some marks, otherwise I doubt I could have quilted it that perfectly!

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