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What are you most proud of? I think I got one of the points right. This was definitely creatively pieced.

Q&A with Ricky Wilks

Dawny Duck asked:
I love your changes of value they really make your centre pop, I was going to ask how you were going with your HST's, are you still doing them all by hand? I have finished mine but definitely machine sewn.
Ricky Wilks answered:
I have about a dozen done. Most of my hand-work lately has been knitting so I've bogged down. I realized that in order to do this all by hand is going to take me well into April 2014; and since I'm making it for my grandmother, I want to get it to her as soon as possible and if I machine piece and quilt it, she can have it by Christmas. And I don't think she'll care if it's hand or machine pieced - That's how I rationalize my laziness anyway :-)

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