Eat, Pray, Love, Read:

Project Description

What are you most proud of? This is my first full sized project done on my home machine. I got it done just before Christmas. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Watch all of Ann's class before beginning and construct something like this in vertical units...

What you will need

  • Cottons
  • Acrylic paint
  • poly cotton batt

Q&A with terry.mcc935257

Shari Keefe asked:
wow, what a fun design! Obviously you are a good quilter
terry.mcc935257 answered:
Thanks Shari. It was a fun project and my first quilted on my home machine after taking Ann's class.
Dena_Living Water Quilter asked:
Very nice! How does it feel to get your first DSM quilt completed? Did the experience match your expectations?
terry.mcc935257 answered:
It always feels good to finish a project...but it did take longer than I imagined. I am working on a new design to do in sections...sometime...
Danegirl asked:
I absolutely love the whimsy in this quilt! I would have loved to see your "building" process :-)
terry.mcc935257 answered:
This was built in strips about 18" long of varying heights with the "book" pieces added randomly to the background strips, seamed into a "loop" then sliced open (white on both sides) and pressed. They were then stacked and trimmed to 16 " and vertical units joined...Lots of precutting but easy to assemble.
Donna Estes asked:
Really precious! Is the cat appliqued?
terry.mcc935257 answered:
Yes. The cat is appliqued. It was a "last minute" decision to perch the kitty on the precarious stack of "books" reaching for the butterfly. Thanks for your comment.