Created by: Lesley Wood

Drunkards path chain block

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Lesley Wood made Drunkards path chain block with:

Craftsy Block of the Month 2012

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Craftsy Block of the Month 2012

with Amy Gibson

Q&A with Lesley Wood

Bella B asked:
A few of mine have turned out slightly small as well, I think I'm just going to add borders to get them all the same, I think that will add a lot to the overall look to the quilt. This is a gorgeous square!
Lesley Wood answered:
thanks for your support. The first one that turned out too small I was really worried about but then it occurred to me that there are not really any rules for quilting just techniques so I thought I would wait to see how they all panned out. I am also getting braver about changing Amys arrangement around when I am not so keen on it. This has been a brilliant learning curve loving every minute of it.
lizzyb asked:
I love the way you've created an alternative look by using the black for the 'pies' and the patterned fabric for the 'background' it looks like a different block but its the same only in negative.
Lesley Wood answered:
Thank you. I thought that there was going to be too much black which is why I reversed it. I am also going to change the other block and have been searching google images for inspiration!
Surfside6 asked:
Nice work
Lesley Wood answered:
Betty Keith asked:
Thanks for the warning that it may be too small. I have tried to buy the templates, but they were so expensive i decided to use the ones provided, but I have had trouble with them being small. Will see. Beautiful block.
Lesley Wood answered:
I don't think it was the template that made them small as the squares were all about 31/2 inches and I too used the template on the course materials. I stuck it onto some corrugated cardboard. . I think it is this scant 1/4 inch Amy uses I do not seem to be able to sew it. Maybe it's really 1/8 inch seam? Good luck with yours and glad you liked it
Pamillia asked:
Your block is very unique & I really like it. Very well done. Yes I know what you mean about the scant 1/4" seam. Thank you for sharing.
Lesley Wood answered:
Thank you, just didn't want too much black!