Drunkard's Path Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That this quilt, although late, has been finally finished. I found doing such tiny squares = 3 1/2 inches you really needed a small rotary cutter - the only one I could find here was the 28mm one and it was just right. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Definitely try a quilt like this but don't set yourself a time limit like I did. What with getting extra material and waiting for it, it should have been finished for my nephew's birthday. Do use a 28mm rotary cutter takes the hard work out of it. I also had it quilted by a long armer as this quilt is king size. Just go slowly as you are dealing with bias edges and you don't want to stretch them. Make sure you trim each square to the 3 1/2 inches before putting them together .There is a lot of purple in it so I did find that hard on my old eyes if I worked too long on it, but I feel the work has been really worth while.

What you will need

  • Used 100% cotton fabrics in purple and white - and used raisant thread. 28mm rotary cutter. Light weight cotton batting.

Q&A with Beth245

ozmoore asked:
The quilts are incredible! Did you just use jelly rolls? I think I'm seeing all sorts of sizes of pre-cuts and probably regular yardage. I'm about to buy some fabric and I would sure appreciate some advice about that. Guess I better enroll in the class too!
Beth245 answered:
The drunkards' path quilt was make by yardage but as I said with all the small squares you really need a 28mm rotary cutter anything bigger is not easy to work with. Sometimes I do use jelly rolls or layer cakes depending on what I am making. It all depends on what I can find especially when I am making quilts for others - I like to make them in their favourite colours.
NanaJeanFL asked:
This is GORGEOUS Beth! I love its simplicity and fresh modern look. The quilting is perfect for this design. King size? You go girl!!
Beth245 answered:
Thanks Jean - this was one large quilt - king size - but my nephew liked it so that is what it is all about. It took about 2 months (for me) to cut out all the arcs and wedges and I stored them all in zip lock bags so I had the right reverse colours together. Did have a bit of trouble making sure I didn't stretch the fabric when I sewed around the arcs but my machine became my friend. He has two brothers so it will be interesting to see if they want one too (different patterns of course!!!) Yes the quilter I use is superb but he leaves the final design up to me that is why I decided to make the quilting a feature on the back.
Ranae Whitmore asked:
I'm trying ti figure out materisl requirements. I currently have a layer caje of blue & green Batik 100% citton fabric and a layer cake of white 100% cotton fabric. What else will I need?
Beth245 answered:
Hi Ranae, I am not sure how much you need with layer cakes, I made mine from yardage and it is king size. I suggest you ask Kimberley in the class as I am sure she will be able to tell you how many layer cakes you need depending on what size you want to make. I am sorry I cannot help you, it is quite a while since I made this quilt that I cannot remember the amount of fabric I bought. Each of my squares ended up at 3 1/2 inches that is when I put the purple with the white and vice versa and that was before I joined them all. I must admit it took me a long time to cut out all the arcs and wedges so if you are going to make this quilt patience is the answer. It does look good when finished and quilted though.