Dresden Traditional

Q&A with Odd Cat Stitch

Damsel asked:
Pretty Colors!
Odd Cat Stitch answered:
Thanks Damsel!
saxostamper asked:
This is amazing, super lovely and really well done.
Odd Cat Stitch answered:
Thank you again saxostamper :)
Pamillia asked:
Very pretty & well done. Thanks for sharing.
Odd Cat Stitch answered:
Thanks Pamillia :)
desert flowers asked:
Very Classy!
Odd Cat Stitch answered:
Thank you bumble bee! - I like your name it is very cute :)
JoanneGram asked:
Really fine sewing skills. How did you get your center so perfectly round? My stitching was very precise but when I turned the circle right side out it wasn't as smooth as I would like. Yours looks perfect!
Odd Cat Stitch answered:
Hi JoanneGram, thank you so much for the compliments! I think my center edges were able to lay flatter and take their shape because I did not do just a single snip around the edge every centimeter (1/3 of an inch?) like Amy did, but rather I clipped a "V" shape every centimeter - this helped in reducing the amound of fabric that would around the seam once the center piece was turned right side out. That and just plain old luck lol :)